White ENO Cranks

Single speed crankset for MTB and road use
White ENO Cranks

These are nicely designed and polished aluminium single speed crank set in a variety of lengths. What makes them unique the chainring is fastened onto the right hand crank by means of a splined interface rather than the normal chainrings.

Splined chainrings that engage with a corresponding bottom bracket spindle are becoming increasingly popular for BMX, dirt jump and other "extreme sport" bicycles and offer great strength albeit with compromises for normal riding styles such as weight or Q-factor. The White Industries product is along with Middleburn one of the few splined crank and chainring system designed from the outset for road and MTB rather than stunt park antics. The chainwheel engages using a similar wavy spline as the White fixed cog and a right handed lock ring. The crank is available in a wide range of lengths, including a velodrome thumping 180 mm.

Runs a normal JIS tapered bottom bracket (not included) - 113mm yields a 47.5mm chain line. As with the VBC crank, you get the opportunity to run the White double/double (carry around two single speed ratios) transmission.

All combinations / colours are available from our UK factor, even those not listed. Just ask!

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Brand White Industries
Weight 0.25kg