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SunXCD crank set 170mm with 46 - 30 teeth (All options available by request)

SunXCD crank set 170mm with 46 - 30 teeth (All options available by request)
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The Sun XCD is a bit like the old TA system (ask your dad!) which was like the (probably more obscure, but contemporary) Surly Mr. Whirly. The builder can install various spiders into the small bolt circle of the cranks and run almost all the common chainwheel sizes.

Here in Hubjub we are pleased to offer our customers a choice. EIther go for the off-the-peg chainwheel combos that we offer (these directly mount onto the cranks with no need for additional spiders) or get a crank and spider set that allows the mounting of all your old chainrings in your shed. Don't forget that we can get almost any chainring ever made through trade distributors including one wholesaler with new old stock that seems to go back to the high wheeler era.

Default (always in stock) is the 170mm option running 46 - 30 chainwheels. The specific Sun chainwheel sizes can sourced to order (48, 46, 44 inner: 34, 30, 28t outer) and lengths (165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm). Requires some home assembly. 

These might look traditional but the chainring is ramped and pinned in the Hyperglide fashion. They are listed as 10 speed and I have not tried higher. You need a set of special chainring bolts to fasten it all together, we include that in the box.