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Sugino bottom bracket

Sugino bottom bracket
Brand: Sugino
OUR PRICE:£70.00
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The sugino 75 Bottom Bracket is a staple of the Japanese track scene thanks to its high quality machining and mirror polished finish of the bearing races making it an objet d'art as well as go-faster bike component. Intended as the companion of the Sugino 75 crankset. The flip side of running this velodrome thoroughbred is that its weather sealing is pretty much non-existent. Given regular greasing this is fine, but won't take kindly to a fit-and-forget mindset.

Run Sugino 75 cranks and want a more practical BB? Go Phil Wood. We also have other ISO bottom brackets either on the site or by request.

NameThreadMaterial BB SizeTaper
SG75 1.37"x24tpi Light Alloy 68x109mm ISO (Naturally)