Sugino 75 bottom bracket

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NJS bottom bracket
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Sugino 75 bottom bracket

The sugino 75 Bottom Bracket is a staple of the Japanese track scene thanks to its high quality machining and mirror polished finish of the bearing races making it an objet d'art as well as go-faster bike component. Intended as the companion of the Sugino 75 crankset. The flip side of running this velodrome thoroughbred is that its weather sealing is pretty much non-existent. Given regular greasing this is fine, but won't take kindly to a fit-and-forget mindset.

Run Sugino 75 cranks and want a more practical BB? Go Phil Wood. We also have other ISO bottom brackets either on the site or by request.

Name Thread Material  BB Size Taper
SG75 1.37"x24tpi Light Alloy 68x109mm ISO (Naturally)

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Brand Sugino
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