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Phil Wood Bottom Bracket

Phil Wood Bottom Bracket
Brand: Phil Wood
OUR PRICE:£80.00
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The Phil stainless steel BB has the usual indestructible bearings, polished alloy casing, incised sig, yadda yadda. All very nice but we stock it for the chainline hack feature. Judicious setup allows you to move the 'line 2mm either way.

We stock both JIS and ISO BBs in all the sizes you might need for a typical fixed setup. Speccing is a minefield, and you should talk to us and to whoever will be doing the install before shelling out.


  1. You will need some mounting rings/Cups from HERE
  2. and the install tool from HERE
  3. and THESE phil mudgaurds are the perfect finish
  4. then follow THIS guide from phil!


NameDiameterTaperSpindle Length
JIS BB 68mm JIS, Shimano, Phil 103mm, 104mm, 108mm, 111mm, 113mm, 116mm, 119mm
ISO 68mm ISO, Campag 102mm, 105mm, 108mm, 110.5mm, 115mm, 120mm