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Nitto Stem Raiser

Nitto Stem Raiser
Brand: Nitto
OUR PRICE:£35.00
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Nitto make their own solution to this problem with the same attention to detail as their other stem hardware. It is polished alloy with a crisply knurled bit where the stem clamps on. The knurled bit is 45mm tall and the necked down part can protrude 20 mm from the headset. These are the 28.6mm clamp diameter, 22.2 mm quill. Want one designed for 1 ahead stems, or with quill for 1 threaded? Call us.

Also available in an extra long size for riders who are not quite as flexible as they once were. Same quality and finish as its little brother, the stem is a massive 225mm length over all, which means up to 112 mm  of exposed stem from the minimum insertion mark to the shoulder. Typically superlative Nitto polished alloy of course, and with 40 mm high knurled stem clamping area. 22.2mm quill diameter, 28.6 (1 ) stem mount diameter.