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Saturday 24th May 2014 - Extra-Urban

Introducing Hubjub Extra-Urban

Here at Hubjub we were the first online urban fixed wheel cycling store, hitting the interwebs back in 2003, and for the following ten years fixed wheel was our thing. Back in those days and aside from the bike messenger scene predominantly in the capital, fixed wheel and track frames were mysterious things that changed hands between members of cycling clubs and through cycle jumbles. As such, people who wanted to go fixed needed help converting track frames to run on the road or converting older road frames to fixed.


Skip to 2014 and fixed wheel riding went from a niche through a boom. There are now plenty of new and nearly-new road fixed bikes and frames out there for the taking and Hubjub are pleased to continue supplying this dynamic and active scene with durable parts and accessories. Not to mention finding those hard-to-source bits that solve problems the mainstream retailers don’t address.


Yet many customers who had a lot of fun with their fixies during the urban cycling boom are wanting to go further and ride for longer. Perhaps you are facing a longer commute to the city centre or joining cycle clubs and taking part in club rides and the evening time trials or simply getting a bit older. You remember where you come from and still value resilient design, craftsmanship, and durable materials. But gears and brakes start to make more sense, especially if you now blessed with a garage to store your fleet. The challenge for us as an organisation is whether to stick to our guns and remain strictly singlespeed or to continue serving our original customer base as they explore new aspects of cycling.


When all is said and done, many of the enquiries we receive and special orders we deal are from people who are running geared bikes and one way or another find their way to hubjub. A year back we got hold of some sport road bike  frames - All City's Mr Pink. We sold it on Hubjub and half expected howls of protest on account of its geared nature but no such thing occurred. This gave us the kernal of an idea that grew into Hubjub Extra-Urban. Extra-Urban, meaning beyond or outside the urban riding Hubjub has concentrated on in the past (think words like extra-terrestrial, extra-ordianary, etc). This coincided with the opportunity to bring Rawland frames to the UK. Rawland is the personal project of a Sean Rawland of California. He designs frames that reflect his own Scandinavian heritage and the Viking wanderlust spirit. His frames anticipated two current trends: that for “low trail” front end geometry which is that used by French Porteur bikes and the so-called “gravel grinder” bike for hard riding on unsealed roads. Of course the Porteur bike of early 20th Century france had to run fast on gravel roads ‘cos most roads were unsealed at the time, and the geometry optimised for carrying load on the front places your luggage where it is accessible at all times. We suggest you check Rawland out by visiting our new Hubjub Extra-Urban section.


Tuesday April 8th

Just a quick note that we have updated our checkout system, its now a super fast one page checkout system. Phil wood goodies should be arriving soon. See you all at bespoke this weekend! we are at bespoked there will be no outgoing orders until our return on Monday!

Tuesday March 25th

Its been quite some time since my last update. Im pleased to announce that the hubjub store will be opening in a few weeks, so if you find your self lost in midwales come pay us a visit.

We have a full stock of EAI goodies at last so fill your boots with them cogs. we are waiting on the arrival of the phil order its been put back a few weeks, if you have any more custom phil orders i can still add them on.




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