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  • Freedom Thickslick
    Freedom Thickslick

    “Put the hammer down and they'll certainly deliver, whether sprinting for the lights, turning sharply to avoid opening car doors, pot-holes, errant pedestrians or cruising at 90 odd rpm through the urban/suburban nightscape. Shards of broken indicator lenses, beer bottles, tacks and other generic litter haven't so much as cajoled a nick in the casings and even five miles of fresh, thorny hedge clippings' couldn't rain on our parade…"


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  • Archetype Restock

    We have a full stock of archetypes, including a new addition 36H Hard Ano Grey

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  Lattice Chainring

 47t - 48t - 49t


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Being premier suppliers of both Euro Asia and Phil Wood to the UK, we are often asked about the compatibility of Euro-Asia cogs on the various Phil track hubs. The official advice remains not to do it.

It is interesting that when you fit the official Phil cog and lockring, the lockring has exposed threads too! Our measurements show that with the Phil cog the overhand is 3.23 mm and with the EAI cog it is 3.05 mm, so the amount of lock ring thread engaged is 4 mm or 3.3 mm respectively.

Yup, there is less than one thread in it. In practice this means a degree more precision is required when using the Euro-Asia cog. The margin for error is less - to little torque and the cog might be able to move (eventually damaging the hub), too much and you might strip the locking thread on installation.

We respect the advice from Phil and Co and would not hold it against users who wish to avoid the combination of EAI superstar on Phil hub, although those with high degree of mechanical sympathy are unlikely to encounter problems. But in light of the advise given by Phil Wood on their own website we must also advise customers it will probably be difficult to claim under warranty if you were to damage your Phil hub doing so.

 Some cog manufacturers are making cogs that are not ideal for use with Phil Wood hubs due to their thickness (which is generally a result of plating). For this reason, we do not recommend using Surly or Euro-Asia cogs with our track hubs. The additional thickness can result in stripping of the lockring and/or hub threads because there is not enough thread engagement. - Phil Wood Webstore 

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This week was test week for the thickslicks, as soon as they arrvied my daily ride had its soma tyres changed. I have to say they are nice and easy to fit compared to the Soma's and the Dia compe tyres (gran compe have to be the worst tyres i have ever had the mispleasure of using) Living in wales there are no shortage of hills, so i headed out to try out the tyres at some of my favourite skid locations. The first skid i can only discribe as 'skidding through playdough'? The tyres have a feel of intence grip during you skid and even as small raindrops fell from the sky i was not dettered. Upon my return to hubjub HQ i felt rather satisfied with the 'skid' test and look foward to seeing how the tyres hold out in the coming weeks/months. 

I imagine most people wont be looking for a 'skid' proof tyre but more a tyre with the longevitiy of a gatorskin but without the pricetag, only time will tell but i will keep you all updated. if your intrested in a pair we have them HERE

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 ~Any two H PLUS SON rims - (Archetypes or TB14's)

 ~Any two Phil Wood Hubs - (High Flange/Low Flange - SSF/DSF/FFW - 28h/32h/36h - Silver/Black)

 ~ACI Alpina Stainless Steel Double Butted Spokes - (Black or Silver)


Prices starting from just   £325

 The Phil high-flange rear is a true classic: clean, simple and timeless, but also smooth-running and tough as old boots. It's designated as a track hub, but we know many people who ride HFs on the road, and one or two take them offroad. We don't have an opinion, of course, but loads of people swear that high flanges are the only choice if you want to build a stiff, responsive wheel. The stock hub comes with two Phil lockrings and mounting bolts.! 

With a name like Archetype you can expect the idealised manifestation of a bike rim. Indeed to a certain extent that is what you get. A sensible width for real-world tyre widths? Check. Semi deep height (25 mm) for a decent compromise between aerodynamic efficiency, resilient ride, and weight? check. Great looking finish, including hard as nails grey anodised or polish shiny enough to shave in? Again, check.




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